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220's or 425's on a Hurricane

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Was curious to see what the Hurricane pilots out there use more often and why. I have used both variants and have enjoyed them both and I don't think I can just ever choose only one. If I know I am after large targets (cruisers and above) I will try and use 425's. In small gangs and such 220's are nice, this way you have a bit more tank to deal dps longer. What does everyone think?

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matt_12 [ Editor ]

Personally I always go 220 II's mainly for the reason of grid useage and I tend to ram the mids with a lot of EWAR.

What you say about the 425's is fairly ture, but to be honest I find the 220's more than flexible enough, if I am coming up against BC's or BS's I just switch out to Fusion or EMP and get closer rather than wasting loads of Barrage rounds.

If I am up against a HAC or a T2 ship (especially with Amarr) I tend to switch to Phased Plasma to poke a hole in their weaker resists.

Against big targets it may take a few more rounds, but if you are hunting BS's you are most likely not out alone, and if that be the case your buffer should hold out just fine.

The Hurricane is a very strange ship in that it can shield and armour tank effectively, I tend to armour tank in PVP to keep the mids. If you are shield tanking your grid is even more important to you. I almost always leave the guns to last when I'm fitting, put what you want on and then see what guns you can fit. In my experience this generally leads me to the 220's.

NN comments

Thanks for the input. I haven’t flown the shield tank version too often because I too prefer to armor tank in pvp.

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