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How best to fit a newb destroyer

New players like moving up to bigger ships. The first bigger ship they can move up to is the destroyer (the skill book they get from a newbie epic arc), and it is often hard to persuade them to spend the time to get into a cruiser for pve.

Assuming they are going to stick with the destroyer for at least a few days - what is the best advice on fitting a given destroyer for L1 and L2 pve?

This isn't so much a question of "what is the best fit" and tossing out all skills V dps numbers but rather the more general of "what should be done and considered when having a new player fly a destroyer?"


gah'matar [ Moderator ]

I'm of the long-range kite tank school of thought. Either 75mm or 125mm railguns on a cormorant, antimatter and iridium ammo. Afterburner in the mids. Some sort of tank in the mids. Damage mod in the low.

For L2s, run one with an AML caracal with them. Especially a "big" one. They will see the light.

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