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How best to fit a newb destroyer

New players like moving up to bigger ships. The first bigger ship they can move up to is the destroyer (the skill book they get from a newbie epic arc), and it is often hard to persuade them to spend the time to get into a cruiser for pve.

Assuming they are going to stick with the destroyer for at least a few days - what is the best advice on fitting a given destroyer for L1 and L2 pve?

This isn't so much a question of "what is the best fit" and tossing out all skills V dps numbers but rather the more general of "what should be done and considered when having a new player fly a destroyer?"


agile nakajima

It may be difficult to persuade them to move to a cruiser, but it's worth the effort. Destroyers are only good for a very limited range of situations. Cruisers are far better. Destroyers have a comparatively limited tank and effectively only 6 light guns due to the rate of fire penalty. Cruisers have enough mids or lows to fit a proper tank and have a drone bay. The destroyer skill is also a dead end; the only thing it leads to is interdictors, far in the pilot's future even if he is one of the relatively few people who ends up training them. Spend the time on cruisers instead, and you're taking steps towards battleships and battlecruisers. A brand new player can be in a decent mission drake in a month, and doing level 4s. (Very slowly due to anaemic dps, but doing them nonetheless).

Destroyers are a waste of time for missioners, and nearly a waste of time for PVPers - thrashers are popular in faction war, and pirates like Helicity Boson can get a lot of use out of artillery thrashers in lowsec.

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