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By: [ Moderator ] Asked from Norway

How do we raise awareness of Skill Training Complete?

We are off to a good start, but how do we get more EVE players to ask and answer questions on here?

Post your ideas...


darinas [ Moderator ]

If we have a resident (out-of-character) blogger or two as regular contributors, then a plug or two on their blogs will do wonders for the site's readership.

Also, a weekly/monthly summary post to the forums of Eve-O, and would bring STC to the attention of a lot of Eve pilots. We just need to make sure we do not repeat the same information more than once on the same site as that might be interpreted as spamming.

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do won

Rifterdrifter has already linked here. I think that the ball is rolling.


I’ll mention it when I get the rest of the kinks worked out in an upcoming post.

makoto utari

I’ve posted on Eve-O forums as well as Scrapheap-Challenge (where I was rightly chided for making my first post a plug). Anyone who is an existing member of any of these communities, I highly recommend posting there and letting those people know about STC.

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