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Level 5 storyline missions - do they exist?

I did couple of level 5 missions for same agent and I was wandering whether I will get storyline mission (after 16th mission of course)? If they exist what kind of rewards can you expect from them (besides faction standings)?

I've checked eve survival guide and there are no descriptions for lvl5 storyline missions. I hope this doesn't mean they don't exist..


serker [ Editor ]

Yes, they exist and follow usual storyline rules - every 16(so storyline is sixteenth or seventeenth, I wonder that on my own. My research shows first case on level 4s, but i could make a mistake, heh). Rewards are quite straightforward too - standings and occasional +5 implant(not a surprise, really). Lack of mission reports on eve-survival more likely indicates that there is not too many people doing them - there is only one report, here it is.

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