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By: Asked from North Richland Hills, United States of America

What does "point" mean?

In PvP discussion I’ve heard the term “point” used a lot as a term for tackle. Is it just that, or is there more to it?


qoonpooka from Greenville, United States of America

It’s a combination of the two, and the terminology varies from group to group. Warp disruption and scrambling operates on a point system. A ship has 1 point of warp strength, naturally. (Some ship types receive +2 warp strength points as a role bonus.)

Warp Disruptors provide 1 point of warp jamming between 20-30km (certain ship/leadership combinations can extend that much, MUCH farther.) Since the other common form of warp jamming, the Scrambler tends to have only a range of 9km, Warp Disruptors are often called “Long Points” to reflect the fact that they apply a point of warp jamming at longer range.

Warp Scramblers provide 2 points of warp jamming at shorter 9km range (but again, leadership/ship/module combinations can push that out towards 20-30km.) Additionally, Scramblers shut down microwarpdrives, which makes them invaluable in stopping kiting fit ships. Because of their strengths some fleets will call these “Two Points.” But because of their MWD canceling ability most fleets will call them “Scrams.”

HICtor warp bubbles are just called “Bubbles” but when scripted to hit a single target they provide 99 points of warp jamming. These will be referred to as “Infini-points” because nothing can escape them. (The highest you can get a ship’s warp strength is around a dozen or so.

Other forms of tackle that stop warp are Interdictor Bubbles, HIC bubbles, and anchorable warp bubbles – all of which are just called ‘bubbles’ because of their visual effects.

Stasis webifiers don’t stop warp (in fact they often make it easier to warp out by decreasing your alignment time) but they do slow a ship and once it’s warp drive is offlined, the web makes sure they’re not going anywhere by sublight means, either. These will be called out on comms as “Web.”

Generally, during a fleet fight, you’ll hear people calling tackle to confirm that it’s okay to put DPS on the target. It may sound like this:

FC: Primary is Guillome Renard in a Brutix, Guillome Renard in a Brutix, get me point on that Brutix. (Everyone shoot that guy in that ship!)

Initial Tackle Pilot: Point on Brutix. Web on Brutix. (I have applied a warp disruptor and a stasis webifier, he cannot warp and his speed is cut in half.)

FC: Okay good, all ships fire. Primary is Guillome Renard in a Brutix, burn him down. (Great, let’s shoot him!)

Intial Tackle Pilot: He’s burning away from me anyway, I’m going to lose point in about fifteen seconds. (Aww hell, this guy has a MWD fit!)

Second Tackle Pilot: Scram on Brutix. (Not anymore he doesn’t!)

FC: Great, burn him down. Primary is Guillome Renard in a Brutix, he’s halfway through armor secondary is Corin Katsuo in a Drake. Tackle get point on the drake, DPS keep burning down Renard’s Brutix…

and so on.

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