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How to make a profit manufacturing

I am a relatively new player to eve and would like to make my way into manufacturing. I just bought a couple of BPO’s and BPC’s. I started out very excited by the Abaddon BPC I got in the trade that has material lvl 50 and Productivity lvl 20. My problem is for this BP and every other one I calculate when I compare the prices of the “perfect” resources needed and the price I could sell those resources for over in Jita it is better for me to just sell the materials and not manufacture the ship. This seems crazy to me. The BPC materials list can be seen here. I just don’t see how you can turn a profit manufacturing ships.


curious_4 [ Editor ]

First of all, you mentioned that you are relatively new to Eve… so… train more skills :)

There are few skills you should train as industrialist in order to make profit. One of most important skills is production efficiency V and you need to train it in order to make stuff without wasting minerals. Your skills are not fully trained yet and that can be seen in that Abaddon’s bpc (check numbers in parenthesis ‘you’ > ‘perfect’.)

Having bpo/bpc with high ME doesn’t necessarily mean that product will be profitable.. Once you see only one mineral value in blueprint’s mineral requirements – then you are ready to make stuff.

Also, your biggest problem could be getting cheap minerals.. So, unless you don’t plan to mine them you can train reprocessing skills and reprocess cheap modules (loot from mission grinding, buy cheap meta 0 to meta 2 loot from market). For having good mineral ‘yield’ from reprocessing train scrap metal processing and gain standings with NPC corporation where you plan to reprocess/produce stuff.

PS. I can also recommend to search for Dedaf’s tools (Excell workbook which can help you with calculating production costs based on your API and market prices for different regions).

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