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Advantages and disadvantages of cloaking

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What improvements and limitations do each of the various cloaking modules have?

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caneb [ Editor ]

Cloaks come in two flavors. Regular and Covert Ops. Regular cloaks are Prototype Cloaking Device I and Improved Cloaking Device II. They work the same, but the penalties of the Improved cloak is reduced.

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II can only be used on specialized ships, namely Covert Ops, Stealth Bombers, Force Recons and Blockade Runners. Strategic Cruisers can also use them if fitted with the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem.

The benefit of cloaks is obviously that you're invisible. You cannot be seen, you won't appear on the overview, and you can't be scanned or probed out. You will still appear in the Local chat though.

All cloaks have the following penalties:

  • You cannot target anything
  • You cannot activate any modules, but any active module will finish its cycle.
  • You cannot launch or control drones.
  • You cannot interact with any object in space, ie loot wrecks or open canisters.
  • After decloaking, you cannot target anything for a short time. (30s for Prototype, 20s for Improved, 10s for Covert Ops.) This penalty is reduced by the Cloaking skill.
  • After decloaking, you cannot cloak again for a short time. (30s for Prototype and Improved, 3s for Covert Ops.)
  • You cannot cloak or remain cloaked if you're within 2000m of any object.
  • You cannot cloak if anything has you locked, hostile or friendly.
  • You cannot fit more than one cloak. If you have more than one, neither will work.

Prototype and Improved cloaks have the following additional penalties:

  • You cannot warp.
  • Your speed is reduced by 90/75% for Prototype/Improved respectively.
  • Your scan resolution is reduced, increasing the time it takes to lock something. This penalty applies even if the cloak is inactive.

Note that you CAN use the directional scanner and the scan probe interface while cloaked, however you must be uncloaked to use the probe launcher.

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gartel reiman

+1 for a solid answer. However, as for your second point – I believe all modules will stay active until the end of their cycle, and will deactivate after that. This doesn’t make much difference with anything except for propulsion mods, typically. Additionally, it may be worth noting that the Cloaking skill reduces the sensor recalibration time by 10% per level – so in practice you will have at most 6 seconds recalibration from a covops cloak, and at most 27 seconds with a Prototype etc. depending how high you have trained the Cloaking skill.


Good point, edited. I was apparently wrong as well, hardeners will also shut down after their cycle is finished.

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rook ares [ Moderator ]

Whilst cloaked you are under the following restrictions:

  1. You can't Target anything
  2. You can't warp (Except with the Covert Ops Cloak)
  3. You move slower (Exact speed loss depends on the cloaking module used)
  4. You can't Launch Drones
  5. You can't open cans
  6. You can't collect loot
  7. You can't Activate Smartbombs
  8. You can't use FOFs
  9. You can't change Ammo Types
  10. You can't use a MWD
  11. You can't activate a docking sequence
  12. You can't jump through a Stargate
  13. You can't activate Armour repairers or Structure Repairers
  14. Essentially you can't activate any modules whilst cloaked.
  15. You can't Reload weapons or charges
  16. You can't launch probes, but can still use them

However you are completely invisible to everyone and everything.

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makoto utari

Pretty sure 16 is wrong. I definitely can scan with probes, even in a T1 frigate while cloaked..

rook ares

I must have been mistaken…must have been an update which i didn’t notice since I’m not a heavy stealth user. EDITED


You can use scan probes, but you can’t launch them while cloaked.

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harlock [ Editor ]

Also in a gang, keep in mind that you wont be able to see cloaked gang members... make sure you guys know where each one is because you might uncloak en stealth bomber in PVP situation, or worse : several bomber uncloak each other.

Make sure never to 0 km warp on a cloaked friend too !

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