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Any benefit using a DirectX 10/11 graphics card now or for Incursion/Incarna?

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Is there anything I'm missing in e.g. more beautiful graphics or special effects not using a DirectX 10/11 graphics card and OS? If not now, will I miss something in the future expansion Incursion or Incarna?

If so: What am I missing out on (any comparing pictures please post)?

Comments about e.g. lag and old hardware, OS etc are not needed.

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csm barret [ Editor ]

EVE currently graphically requires directx 9.0c and a graphics card thats certified for shader model 2.0, preferably 3.0. link to system requirements

having directx 10 or 11 isnt going to hurt but the game isnt using those resources. graphics calls will still be handled as DX9.0c calls. eve will undoubtedly update its graphics some time in the future, however, nothing has been announced.

the last major graphics upgrade was the Trinity graphics expansion which required the more modern shader model. at the time the forums were ablaze with emo rage about players who were being left behind. eve has always had low system requirements and many were hurt that they needed a new graphics card. the transition period had a low def and a high def client side by side. eventually it was required that you follow the new graphics protocols and the old, classic, client was phased out. however, eve still isn't using the full potential of DX9.0c and shader model 3.0. so a new forced graphics requirement seems unlikely any time soon. and from the layout of the current development cycle i havent seen anything planned. well aside from continued slow roll out of improved Trinity style graphics.

in reguards to Incursion, the fall patch, there are no substantial graphics changes.

as for Incarna (the release name of the ambulation/walking in stations project), CCP has given no indication that it will require more graphics power than the current expansion. and they are typically good about letting the community know about technology changes.


per this brand new dev blog, shader model 2.0 support is being dropped come spring.

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