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Benefit of high security rating?

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Is there any benefit in having a security rating higher than 0.0? Or is it just used as a buffer so it takes more to go negative?

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xkaraxis [ Editor ]

Security rating doubles as your CONCORD faction standing so having a high rating will get you better refine and reduced fees at CONCORD and DED stations. If memory serves, the main market hub in the Khanid region is one such station. Beyond that it's pretty much a buffer before you go negative.

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rook ares [ Moderator ]

The actual benefits are limited to better standings with concord.

However people often view your info if you're in a low sec system and having a higher security rating often effects their judgment of you. For example a pirate seeing a high security character will often assume that the person is not experienced in PvP and will most likely target you, on the flip side people won't worry about you being a pirate so if you are one you're not as suspicious when you warp near them. Finally some corporations will require that their members have positive status.

TL:DR security status influences people's first impression of you more than anything directly related to game mechanics.

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gah'matar [ Moderator ]

Mostly a buffer. Low positive sec status is very ambiguous and may lead to people assuming you're a noob. Very high sec status will make them assume you don't engage in low-sec piracy.

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