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Best use for mission loot?

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I've been running level 1 and 2 missions. I have 300 items in my hangar now and I'm feeling like a hoarder. What's a good rule of thumb for keeping, selling, or reprocessing?

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Advice from Eve forums:

Sell salvage, sell drone compounds. Then set your hangar to the list view (no icons), and sort by meta level. Reprocess meta 0 – 2, keep meta 3 and above. For each item you kept, right-click market to see if it’s worth anything (if it is, sell it – often you have to set up a sell order). Sell the minerals from the reprocessing. Mearouk Baas

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serpentine logic [ Editor ]

I sort my loot by meta level (you may have to add the column to your hangar or container that has the loot, because it may not be enabled by default).

All the meta-4 stuff goes to market; everything else ends up being reprocessed because hauling it to market is too much trouble from nullsec. If you want to be more nuanced in your approach, try using Eve Refinery to determine whether to sell your loot or reprocess then sell the minerals instead.

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Eve Refinery looks great!

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mymindisglowing [ Editor ]

If you want to take the time to do the math and research, you can figure out what items are worth reprocessing, which is something subject to the vacillation of market prices. Whether or not you do, you still have at least the rest to deal with

I hoard ALL mine in a central location until I've collected enough of it to sell off when the market cycle is at its most lucrative, essentially treating the saved up items like a form of piggy bank, so to speak. That takes patience and a little work on my end.

Alternatively, if you don't want to mess with the time involved, just sell it all off, reserving focus for the high value, high isk items. There is no getting around the work, though, if you want to reprocess or keep to sell for best prices.

At least keep items you know you typically use or plan to use in the future. If you don't end up using it, you can always sell it off later.

The one advantage of hoarding is that you always have it if you need it, at least until the market cycles high enough to sell. It's good to have a variety to choose from to fit for any occasion or help out a friend. And you can always sell something off, but once you sell, it's gone, and you'll have to go and buy it if you need it. That's just my take on it, anyway.

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