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Bonus skillpoint gift - what was that for?

Asked by [ Editor ]

I was pleasantly surprised a while ago, after logging on for the first time in a while, to find that both my characters had been granted 100,000 skillpoints to allocate as I desired.

What prompted CCP to do that and are any more of these gifts planned for the future?

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kazz [ Editor ]

The SP was granted in return for a long unexpected downtime. I think we got it at the same time as the free Primae ship. I think, was a while ago now!

CCP has recently granted SP to use on SISI for people taking part in testing. So perhaps we will see SP granted on Tranq in the future as reward or compensation.

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ecaf ersa

I am really glad it was for that reason – I appreciate patch management etc is a challenge so I am not going to start criticising CCP for it but it always seems to happen when I have arranged for a whole day session!

I’d like to see CCP rewarding players with bonus skillpoints in Tranq for active testing in SiSi – a set amount for raising a bug depending on it’s severity for example. I am certain they’d get more players actively testing if they did.


Christmas bonus perhaps? Tournament prizes? Who knows… they obviously added the feature for a reason…

todd ayumbhara

It was as part of their server upgrade that took a whole day.

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