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C4 Complex Profits

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I'd like to know how much each site in a c4 WH pays out assuming the wrecks have been salvaged and then salvage is sold in jita perhaps? I'm hoping for a fairly accurate number if possible.

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Variable depending on nanoribbons dropped, since each one is about 6m apiece and they're completely random from salvage. Looking at just blue loot, which is predictable, look through here:

Blue loot works out to about 5-6.5m per BS, 1m-2m per cruiser and 1m or less per frig. I don't know the exact drops of each one offhand, but you can use these numbers to get a rough sense of the consistent loot you will get from each anom. After that it's all over to the salvage gods.

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Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for. :)


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