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Can bombs/smartbombs deal damage to fleet mates?

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In a fleet situation if I were to launch a bomb into a mess of enemies/friendlies would everyone take damage or just the enemy ships?

Do bombs cause friendly fire to fleetmates?

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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

Absolutely they do. Bombs and Smartbombs are both area of effect weapons meaning they affect anyone and anything in their range. This also applies to ECM Burst modules.

Note that in high sec, using these items is highly risky as damaging anything not "belonging" to you, your (player) corp or an npc pirate corp will bring CONCORD along to blow up your ship.

NN comments

To add up to Ecaf perfect answer : it’s a common trick among pirates to gank mission runners using smartbombs. Probe the guy, sneak up cloaked, get hit by his smartbomb, and wait for concord to blow him up. Don’t use smartbombs when missionning ;)


To elaborate on Btek’s comment; Smartbombs can be used anywhere. Bombs (from Stealh Bombers) can not be used in Empire Space.

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