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Can you bring a super carrier into a c5/c6 worm hole?

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I am just curious if a super carrier can get into any c5 or c6 wormhole. yes, no?


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rashmika [ Editor ]

As far as I kow, there is no wormhole in existence that will allow passage of a super capital class ship due to mass restrictions (barring Sansha role play shenanigans!).

They also cannot be built in Wormhole space as you cannot claim sov!


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nathan cox

Another question cut down in one fell swoop! Keep it up Rash.

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werner lucifer [ Editor ]

Each wormhole got a "total mass" value and a "max mass/jump" value. Although the "total mass" allowed through a wormhole could cope with a Super Carrier the "max mass/jump" value have not yet exceeded 1,350,000,000 kg (for any wormhole class). I base this on that there are only a finite number of wormhole types (don't confuse types with class) that have names like A239 and Z457. The known ones seem to be listed e.g. here:

Mass of Super Carriers:
Amarr: Aeon: 1,546,875,000 kg
Caldari: Wyvern: 1,650,000,000 kg
Gallente: Nyx: 1,615,625,000 kg
Minmatar: Hel: 1,409,375,000 kg

So that for each Super Carrier their mass is larger than the maximum "max mass/jump" for all the known wormhole types. Thus we can conclude the answer to your question right now is no (if all types that exist have been reported and listed).

It might be possible that new types of wormholes might come to exist in the future and that those will allow more mass/jump. The wormhole type naming convention allows for up to 26*10*10*10=26000 different types of wormholes to be created.

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ecaf ersa

+1 for comprehensive answer and good linkage.


Indeed, +1 for taking the time to add the numbers!

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