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Capital Ships in High-sec?

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Is it possible to move a capital ship into high-sec by first building it inside a WH and then moving it through?

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yuripup [ Editor ]

No--except for the ones you could fly there anyway (the Orca and the freighters).

Class 4 and lower WHs don't have holes big enough to transit a capital ship.

Class 5 and 6 WHs do, but they never connect to High Sec.

NN comments

Class 5 and 6 systems do get holes to high sec, but those holes also don’t have a high enough jump mass for capitals.

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gah'matar [ Moderator ]

There are capitals in high-sec however. Chribba's dreadnaught in Amarr being a prime example.

All of them are pure e-peen. CCP let cap owners keep their caps in high-sec after they blocked them. The rules are however strict:

1) You can't light a cyno in high-sec. So you can't move to another high-sec system or come back if you move the cap to low/null-sec.

2) You are not allowed to use one for combat. (I think the exact wording is offensively).

NN comments

moot point anyway- I’m pretty certain the veldnaut stays docked during wardecced and is sufficiently well-tanked to guaranteed to outlast any attacking suicide gank.

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