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Capitial Energy Turret?

Asked by [ Editor ]

Is the capitial energy turrent worth it on the Amarr Titan or am i better off with a variety of large energy turrets with the doomsday?

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If you have to ask this question don’t get a Titan… :P


lol ill stick with the Capitial energy turret

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redmage [ Editor ]

You will get no damage from the large energy turrets compared to 1 cap energy turret. Well yeah you will, but nothing in comparison. As a titan youshould not be worrying about the battleships, just the cap ships or pos.

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Also if you have to ask this you really shouldn't be concidering flying one even if you have the personal ISK, not trying to be mean but you will loose it very soon in a bad fashion if you don't know what you're doing.

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