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CCP Plex Donations to who?

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CCP claim they will be donating plex to the red cresent as a fundraising effort to help the flood victims in Pakistan.

Why do CCP only accept PLEX as donations to this cause and not just isk?

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ambasha [ Editor ]

Yeah I agree, it seems that although isk value varies, if the account set aside for donations were to auto-buy PLEX when it reached current market value, which it could be scripted to check whenever a donation is made, than it would be feasible. I don't think it's a great idea to only offer to receive help from those who can afford 290m isk (or whatever it is) to donate a unit of PLEX. I'm trying to save up for PLEX myself and can't afford that amount but I'd be happy, if I could, to donate, say, 10-30m isk at this time. It would get more involved and create more of a cohesive effort that all can partake in and be proud of the results. My 2 cents.

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Because ISK is a fictional item with no real value where the PLEX is an actual out of game item converted into a ingame item. The PLEX is worth about ~$17.5 but the value if an ISK varies too much.

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sable blitzmann

Didn't they accept ISK with the Hati relief? Might want to ask on the official forums to get a devs answer.

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jita alt666

There is a number of threads on the issue on the offical forums. Trying to get a straight answer out of the FMs is about as easy as getting a straight answer from a room full of 1st graders when asking them questions on quantum physics.


lol, that’s not always true…but true enough of the time. And besides…you can even get more of a straight forward answer out of them than the devs…albeit not an informative one…

“I don’t know…”

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