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Cheap Cap Bump fit

Asked by [ Editor ]

Lets say a certian person keeps jumping a carrier in and out of XXXXX Lowsec system to wherever. I want to bump him off and then bring my 25 buddies in to eat him alive. What ship/rough-setup would i use for this?

Macarials are out of the question, try using only T1 BS/BC hulls. I have been told post-nano nerf it's near impossible, but I dont think that's the case sine people are still very scared of being bumped.

Thinking i need to bump him off the station.

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deleting post. i messed it up, and forgot to hit the ‘save edit’ while i went and ate. deleting and reasking correctly worded tommrow.

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binaryidiot [ Editor ]

You could try a covert ops with a MWD. Decloak, bump, run, cloak. Rinse and repeat as necessary so he can't get a lock on you.

I've never done it before but it seems like a good way to go to me.

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