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Concord Response Time vs Security Status

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I've seen varied information on this and I'm looking for some clarification.

What is Concords response time for the varied levels of high sec? For instance if I was attacked in 1.0 or .5.

Thank you for your answer.

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

I don't have a source for this but I believe the following is a decent guesstimation:

0.5 - 0.6: 20-30 seconds
0.7 - 0.8: 10-20 seconds
0.9 - 1.0: Almost instantly

I welcome people to post more accurate numbers based on experience, because I am not sure how accurate my numbers are here.

I believe (can't find a reference) it depends on the security status of the involved parties as well as the system security. Players in high standing with CONCORD will receive help faster than those in low standing.

NN comments

I hadn’t heard about the “security standing of the involved parties” thing, so I can’t speak to that — but I can confirm those are roughly the response times I’ve seen.


I’m actually not a 100% sure on that, but remember reading something to that effect in a dev blog a while back.


IIRC, an artillery Maelstrom with a RoF around 20 seconds can sometimes get a second volley in 0.5-0.6 but not always, so your numbers there seem a little high, but in the ballpark.

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