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Covert Operations

Asked by [ Editor ]

I have recently trained up on a Covert Ops Hound, torpedoes and bombs for a bit of wormhole fun, however I am unsure of the best course of action to plan my attack on the unsuspecting target.

Do i position my ship so the target is in line with a distant warp point and align, decloak, shoot and then warp out ?

Any suggestions how you run your covert op attacks would be greatly appreciated.


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matt_12 [ Editor ]

Do not warp or cloak until the bomb has detonated, it used to be the bomb wouldn't go off... Unsure if this has been changed or not?

Best SOP for a bombing run is the following.

1) Find/identify target, preferably at an intercept point like a gate/wormhole entrance.

2) Set up to be approx 40 - 45 km from detonation point.

3) check local & directional for hostiles that may jump you.

4) Pick your Egress point, preferably a planet approximately 90 degrees (off axis) to the target

5) begin your run... Approach target, when aligned, decloak and cycle (your MWD/AB)

6) Begin Locking your target, turn on Target Painters/Sebo's/Dampners & Siege Launchers

7) The Second the First Volley of Torps leaves the tubes activate your Bomb Launcher, checking you are now ~30KM from target.

8) Once the bomb is away, Pick up your Egress point and begin aligning to the planet (you can do this manually or automatically depending on your skill and comfort with manual flight), your MWD should by now have cycled and hover your mouse over the warp button while your finger hovers over the F key that activates cloak.

9) When the bomb impacts, click warp to and cloak...

I know it sounds like alot, but the whole thing happens in about 10-15 seconds you deal much more damage than a bomb alone, the Target painters mean the bomb will do more damage also.

Also Aragaer is correct a single bomb won't do much, unless you score a direct hit frigates won't go down.

Small amendments,

don't bother with the torps on Dessy's or Frigates, do bomb only. Don't Go up against an Arazu he will point you no problems. on second thoughts don't attempt to attack recon's in general.

As you are a hound Pilot use Shrapnel Bombs & Bane Torps you get a bonus to them.

If you are in a group of bombers pick the bomb type the majority of the fleet is to deploy and everyone use the same........ Bombs of different types will kill each other !!!

Racial Bombs/Torps are as follows.

Amarr --> EM Mjolnir Torps/Electron bomb

Caldari --> Kinetic Jugganaught/Concussion

Gallente --> Thermal Inferno/Scorch

Matari --> Explosive. Bane/Shrapnel

NN comments

You can warp and cloak before the bomb goes off just fine. The only thing that makes your bomb not go off is a session change, like going through a gate or loosing your ship.


Good to know thanks for that.

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aragaer [ Editor ]

A single bomb won't do much damage. Get a gang of 5 bombers and you'll be able to score some kills. Also take a hauler (blocade runner would be best) with bombs - they take quite a lot of space in your cargohold.

NN comments

A single bomb can temporarily scatter a frigate fleet, and probably take some out when they mistakenly use MWD to get out of the blast zone. Seen it happen in Agony Unleashed’s Basic PVP classes with me on both the receiving end and the bombing end.


If you’re running with several bombers make sure you are all launching the same type of bomb, or they will all blow each other up.

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