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Do the Jump Drive related skills affect a Black Ops Jump Bridge?

Asked by [ Editor ]

Hello. Relatively simple question... I am vaguely aware of the calculation for the fuel requirements when creating a Black ops bridge. I am aware the skill, Jump Portal Generation, reduces the fuel cost by 10% per level trained.

However do the following skills have any impact on the above:

  • Jump Fuel Conservation
  • Jump Drive Calibration
  • Jump Drive Operation

So does the fuel conservation further reduce the fuel requirements on a Black Ops jump portal? Does the calibration skill increase the range to which you can portal? Does the drive operation skill affect the capacitor requirements (if any) for producing a Black Ops jump portal?



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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

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I found this article on Kirith Kodachi's respected blog site.

He confirms that the Black Ops pilot's Jump Fuel Conservation level DOES affect fuel usage for each ship passing through the portal.

I recommend you to read all the article as there is lots of useful stuff in there.

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ecaf ersa

He also mentions that no Strontium is consumed when activating a Covert Jump Bridge so taking more than level 1 in Jump Portal Generation has no effect unless you also use normal Jump Portal Generators which he advises will only fit on a Titan.


great link, all spot on info too. +1

ecaf ersa

Yes, Kirith has a reputation for detail and accuracy – we should encourage him onto STC!

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matt_12 [ Editor ]

One word answer is "Yes"

Should you require more indepth read on.

All three impact on the black ops portal.

Reason behind this, the portal is an inversion of the black ops jump drive.

Following on black ops jump drive is governed by the same laws as capital jump drives.

Maximum range of a black ops portal at Calibration V is 4.5 Light Years. without calibration (assuming thats even possible, it would be 2 Light years)

Conservation works the same too, 300 units per light year at conservation 0 (for the black ops ship) 150 at Conservation V.

Now to the bridge math.

(BaseFuelNeeded for the Jump - (BaseFuel * (0.1*JFCSkill))) * 0.00000018 * (Mass Of Ship Being Bridged)

As you can see base fuel needed is the fuel for jumping the actual black ops...

Clearly if the black ops couldn't jump to the location he isn't going to be able to bridge either.

If you would like to test this out, load up and use their navigator, add in your fleet to the black ops and see the fuel useage differ as you change conservation level......

Lastly, fuel useage is on ship mass not sig radius, therefore on a black ops bridge mass modifyers are bad, therefore all MWD's and even AB's are off, and armour tanking is frowned upon. These items may cause deviation from fuel usage on the calculator.

Hope this helps.

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werner lucifer [ Editor ]

Jump Drive Operation is required either directly or as a prerequisite to pilot any jump-capable ship and is a prerequisite for the following skills. Each level of this skill reduces the percent of capacitor consumed to perform a jump from 90% at level 1 to 70% at level 5.

Jump Fuel Conservation is not a required skill for any jump-capable ship, but reduces the jump fuel consumption by 10% per level, halving the jump fuel cost at level 5. This benefit is multiplicative with the reduction from Jump Freighters. (e.g. one at lvl 5 and one at lvl 4 is "fuel required" * 50% * 60% = 30% of the fuel required which is a 70% reduction)

Jump Drive Calibration is required for both jump freighters and black ops ships, but affects the jumping ability of all jump drives. This skill allows jump-capable ships to cover more ground with each jump, reducing the number of jumps required. Each level of this skill increases the maximum jump range for a ship by 25% to a total increase of 125% at level 5.

This is basically copied from

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I think the OP was asking for more specific information on the Jump Portal, not the Jump Drive.


Hi, I was asking about the above skills and their possible interaction with Black Ops jump bridges! I know how those skills work on say a carrier. Thanks for taking the time to reply though.

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