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Do you need a up all the time POS to live in a WH

Asked by [ Editor ]

I have heard that you can live in a WH with a few Orca's and no POS, is this workable with Orca's.

Idea was have a Orca on grid drop a POS tower standup fuel up and then through out ships and jump out of Orca go fight the good sleeper fight then once done pack up.

The idea is so that you cna just drft through C3's till you find a good one

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" Your POS and your ships will be safe for ever :) "

sooo not true. a group of 10 BS can easily take out a L pos. No pos is ever "100%" safe. Not even a large pos in a class 1 wh where BS cant travel is not 100% safe.

to the OP -

if you want to live out of an orca, it is possible but make sure the orca has a cloak so it can't be scanned down. Also make sure the wh has a static that will fit an orca, It is possible to find a C3 in highsec that is not static but in fact only has static C1. Thus when the empire wh pops, you are stuck until another direct empire or C2+ wh spawns and that can take awhile.

Best method imo for the nomadic types would be to carry pos fuel, small tower and a little defense (couple guns, web and scram). Set up the small pos (takes a fraction of the time, i think around 10 mins? to anchor) throw up your defense / etc and farm to your hearts content. when you want to hop to the next wh it wont take long at all to unassemble and move out.

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melissa blick

I second that. Just don’t forget that small pos’s are really easy to reinforce, even without any bs’s.


very true – we have taken down a small pos (no stront? lol) with 3 BCs. Granted it was mind numbing and took all day and multiple ammo runs, but the job got done none the less ;p

although if you are living out of the orca and don’t anchor any corp hangars / ship maint arrays there is very little risk of someone bashing. 99% of the time a pos bash happens for the possibility that the corp hangars / etc are loaded. Remove this and there is little reason to pos bash unless the people just really don’t like you and / or want to move in the wh permanently ;p

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POS's take a while to anchor, online, offline and unanchor so the only thing I can think of it just using a few Orca's as pos's and have them warp from safe spot to safe spot nonstop so people can't scan them down but eventually they will.

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Hi m8

I live in a WH since awhile, to be honest no POS there is a very bad idea. To get best part of a WH you need many different ships, pve, pvp exhumer, covert op, hauler etc...

Without POS your ships will be scan down, combat probes have 64AU of range...

Use a large tower in a c3, dread can not enter in a c3. Your POS and your ships will be safe for ever :) as long as you have fuel of course but PI decrease a lot your reliance on fuel

fly safe

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amarrahh [ Editor ]

I have used an Orca in a wormhole for a nomadic life style with reasonable success when wormholes were first introduced, however this was when wormholes were relativly quiet and there were no POS's set-up. Basically my alt in the Orca with cloak was the prober / hauler and remote repairer and main character had choice of Drake, Covetor and gas harvester in ship bay which he swapped out with his fully pimped prober.

Now that most class 3 wormholes are occupied and wormhole space is a lot busier I have found it is dangerous to try and maintain this life style except possibly gas harvesting in class 5 / 6 wich still can generate some good isk. This normally means looking at a second tier in wormhole which is often quieter but does pose questions of getting the orca out at a later date.

If you get a quiet wormhole with some good grav / gas sites you soon run into the problem of filling the orca and then you have to get it all out to a high sector exit as I would not try to run the Orca through low or null.

Not worth the isk / effort in my honest opinion these days, go with a POS or look to join a wormhole corp.

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