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Does a wormhole's mass limit take into account fittings and cargo?

Asked by [ Editor ]

When crossing through wormholes and adding to the total mass passage, that may utlimately lead to the wormhole's collapse, is the reduction based only on the mass of the hull, the hull plus fittings (a negligable amount, granted), or the hull, fittings and any cargo?

As in, will an empty mammoth passing through a wormhole do the same as or less damage to it than the same fitted mammoth passing through filled to the brim with arkonor, for example?

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

Cargo has no effect on ship mass in EVE what so ever. It is simply not a part of the calculations as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong). Modules and rigs, on the other hand, may affect ship mass, and as a consequence the impact your ship has on a wormholes stability.

As an example a tripple trimarked BS with 3-4 1600mm plates has a significantly larger mass than the same BS with different fittings, and as a result would impact the wormhole to a greater extent.

Have a look at the module information to see if it modifies the mass of the ship or not. The weight of the actual mod itself is, like cargo, not taken into account.

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camon bear

A common trick when trying to force close a WH is to use an Orca with an MWD. The MWD is activated to provide extra mass before jumping through the WH.

luteros [c-r-o]

Additional the Module has to be online to increase the mass, so taking the Plates off-line will reduce the impact on the WHs mass limit


Afterburners and microwarpdrives will increase your mass significantly. I heard it also applies to alliance jumpbridges so turn them off ;) Amorplates can be offlined to save mass as well


to find a ships current mass, right click on your ship and go show info, it’s on the attributes tab near the top.

rui siyuan

Thanks guys. I’d heard of a lot of the tricks to encourage WH collapse in the past (and, indeed, have used them once or twice). Just was wondering, since the sheer volume of material that we’re hauling in and out of our hole is starting to get a bit silly now, and if there’s anything I can do to avoid shutting a decent exit early, it’d be handy to know about.

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