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Does the shield strength drop if a tower goes offline?

Asked by [ Editor ]

If a tower goes offline does the shield strength drop over time?

So if it went offline with 100% shields, would it still have 100% shields a few months later if it was still offline?

My gut instinct says it would stay at it's current level, as it does with ships, but thought I would check to see if anyone has better info.

Edit: To clarify I mean the tower's shield as in shield/armour and not the bubble forcefield.

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curious_4 [ Editor ]

If I recall correctly shooting at abandoned POS and other structures in wormhole (abandoned for few months at least and definitely off-line), shields were all at 100%.

This is because all structures have shield recharge rate...
Caldari control tower - 200.000.000 (!?) seconds recharge time (EveHQ says it's 200.000 s)


Force field is just protective barrier that prevents targeting and damaging of structures/ships inside it; once POS runs out of fuel and goes offline all structures (including control tower) are left to their 'natural' defense i.e. shield recharge rate (and armor and hull hp). Also, shield strength (resistances) will be returned to their basic values (one at 50% and other at 25%) since there wont be any shield hardeners online :(

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ecaf ersa

This is confirmed correct from direct experience of shooting at an offline tower.

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bonsi scott [ Editor ]

The shield will remain at 100%

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i am guessing/hope you mean the Shield HP… and not the Force Field… right? the two things aren’t related… but it can get pretty confusing

bonsi scott

Indeed. Shield (like in Starship Shield) remains. Force Field goes offline as soon as the tower goes offline

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psyrelle [ Editor ]

when a tower goes offline the shield dissaperes

when you online it again the shield is at 50%

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I think we need to distinguish “shield” from “Force field” here. The force field, the visible bubble, vanishes when the tower goes offline. The shield, as in the top HP bar, does not, and in my experience with unfueled towers it at least reads as being full, though I don’t know if they lose resistances or the total amt is decreased. I’ll trust you on the shield going to 50% if/when it’s re-onlined, I’ve never seen it happen.


sorry i thought since the shield dissaperes the shield will dissaper from the pos as well

but the 50% is right forgot to fuel my pos some days a ago so i noticed it


Someone shot at your off-line tower and shield didn’t recharged, I guess.


nope when you re-online a pos it comes back with 50% shield

allso if the pos is offline as long as someone shoot at it you get a mail i dident get any

but the again who can bring a pos down to 50% shield in the 20min it was offline in high-sec

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