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EVE and Broadband Download Limits

Asked by [ Editor ]

I have just moved and am looking at broadband packages.

I found a couple of suitable ones but both have a 10Gb per month download limit. I am not in the habit of downloading loads of video material so that kind of thing won't take up much of the allowance but I am wondering how much data EVE collects over the connection while logged on.

I am assuming that if you spend all your EVE-time in major fleet battles the data volumes would be dramatically higher than for a pilot mining all by himself in a system.

Does anyone have any kind of figures for a rough volume of data per hour?

Basically what I want to know is, if I have two characters logged on for 6 hours a day every day doing a range of stuff, roughly how much of the 10Gb per month allowance would I use up?

EDIT: I ditched the 10Gb plan and went for a 40Gb plan instead - a bit more expensive but the last thing I need is to not have any allowance left for the last week of every month! I'd be surprised if I ever bust 40Gb in a month - even with dl'ing the client a couple of times!

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Yesterdays patch would have taken up over 1/10th of your monthly allowance. Sounds like a horrible idea to me. I would never pay for an internet connection with a download limit. Still your question is a valid one for those so inclined…

ecaf ersa

“Download the patch at work?” – great idea till the guy from IT appears at my shoulder! I once tried downloading the EVEmon installer at work – bad idea. I just persuaded the IT guy not to report it to my manager by getting on my knees and promising that I would never ever do it again!


Well it does depend where you work and how employee friendly they are.


Looks like I’m late again – but another thing to factor is is the day when your PC falls over and you have to download 10GB of windows updates. Or a friend sends you a game as a gift on Steam. Or your parents/siblings/children desperately need something downloading. You virus protection updates daily. Your bandwidth will be eaten by many things other than EVE :)

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rashmika [ Editor ]

Hi, I share my boradband connection with my partner. We have modest fleet fights in FW low sec and my average usage is around 11GB per month.

We don't download much if any video type stuff, so it is pretty much all EVE.

EDIT: in response to the voice comms query. We both use Vent when we play EVE.

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ninjaholic [ Editor ]

My maximum usage of my broadband is approx. 2.5 - 3Gb per month. I play Eve-Online, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and other FPS based games, Eve-Online using the least bandwidth amongst them all.

I must add that I barely download any video or audio content, and spend most of my time reading web pages, rather than watching videos or listening to music. I do however use some, but infrequently, and still never go above the 3Gb per month mark using a lot of text-based web pages, playing a lot of different games online frequently (about 3 - 6 hrs a night), and very little streaming or downloaded content.

I also build and update web sites and use some FTP, so all in all I can't say I use a lot of bandwidth, but I am using my net almost constantly but with large numbers of small files mostly, and just the aforementioned games, and still don't go over the 3Gb mark a month ever.

(That 3Gb mark is a maximal value. It's often close to 2Gb per month)

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curious_4 [ Editor ]

Maybe you could try to run in-game monitor ctrl+alt+shift+m (shortcut is probably changed now), open network tab and look at the total traffic for that gaming session.

I guess voice comms will make most of traffic during gaming session..

Added: After playing lvl4 missions, browsing market, chatting for about an hour: ~100 kb sent ~2.1 mb received

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ecaf ersa

Hmm…I forgot about voice comms. This is all looking as if 10Gb isn’t going to be enough :–(

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rui siyuan [ Editor ]

I'm a total carebear at the moment, thanks to the limits of laptop I'm borrowing. PI and other indy, with the odd bit of mining and missioning.

Still, without any major PvP or fleet ops, I'm probably using about 700Mb a month on this connection, excluding updates. So last weeks' update did skew the dl graph a bit! :P

I don't use the machine or connection for anything other than Eve, around 4-6 hours daily, so I guess this might be what you could consider a 'bottom line' for how much Eve would use.

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ancalagon [ Editor ]

I can't give you exact figures but here are a couple of things to consider:

Eve can be played over dial-up modem and from what I remember it used to take 10 minutes to down load 3 meg and that works out to be (10 x 6 = 18 meg an hour x 6 = 108 meg a day x 30 = 3,240 meg a month). Though, from what I am told, dial-up does not handle Eve very well but it is playable.

On the other hand yesterday I had to download the patch 3 times and then totally reinstall Eve to get the game working for me. So I blew through over 7 GB in one day!

Hope that helps

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