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Evemon for a mac

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Is there a version of evemon or similar application which is usable on a MAC?

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lin wolo

The version does work. I recommend using the complete version vice the basic version. I had issues with the basic version not saving skill plans and pilot info even though I have wine and winebottler installed.

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abu saffi

I got it too and I also recommend the full version. I was sk stoked about this when I found it. EFT is out there too for the Mac at the same site I believe.

lin wolo

Well, it looks like that site is down. Anyone get a copy of the complete versions?

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ix forres

gktevemon is the only native EVEmon clone for Mac I'm aware of. If your needs only extend to checking if you're training sites like EVE Metrics and EVE Commander both offer this online, which might be better.

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