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Expeditions generated via a Cosmic Anomaly

Asked by [ Editor ]

Hello. I've read that an Expedition cannot be probed out by anyone else as it will only spawn when you warp to it. Is this true?

Secondly, I have heard that once inside the Expedition it will still be impossible to probe it down. Again, is this true?

In both cases, could a link to a relevant Devblog/post be provided please?

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harlock [ Editor ]

For the first one, it would make sense though as - despite the unlikelyhood of finding one - would kinda remove the whole purpose of the escalation process.

As for the second one, I see no reason for you to be unscannable... Unless I missed something of course.

NN comments

+1… have you got a link to a devblog about this, if one exists?

bo red

I believe this us correct. The site is nit scannable but your ship is scannable.

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Escalations spawn only for the person who got it upon warp, yes. It is pre-determined what you get and where you get it. You need combat probes to find people in escalations, to find the Site itself. As it won't pop up on scanner as 'signature' like other stuff does.

That means you cannot get probed by regular Core probes. Also if you make a build with much higher Sensor Strength than Signature of your ship, such build can be called 'un-scannable'


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