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Exploration complexes: Are they ordered by difficulty?

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I know of four types of complexes in Angel territory (high sec): Watches, Vigils, Lookout, Hideout. I want to know if there is some kind of order in them, so that (say) Hideout is easier than Lookout, which is easier than... Kind of like Lvl1 missions are easier than lvl2 etc.

Or are they more or less equal in hardness, like a lvl4 mssion is as hard as another lvl4 ?

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camon bear [ Editor ]

The associated EVElopedia reference is linked below, but here's a rough copy of what I posted into my corp's bulletins some months back.

  1. (Faction) Burrow / Drone Collection (easiest)
  2. (Faction) Hideaway / Drone Cluster
  3. (Faction) Refuge / Drone Gathering
  4. (Faction) Den / Drone Gathering
  5. (Faction) Yard / Drone Surveillance
  6. (Faction) Rally Point / Drone Menagerie
  7. (Faction) Port / Drone Herd
  8. (Faction) Hub / Drone Squad
  9. (Faction) Haven / Drone Patrol
  10. (Faction) Sanctum / Drone Horde (hardest)

Sub-divided into 3 more categories:

  1. (Faction) Hidden Hub (easiest)
  2. (Faction) Forsaken Hub
  3. (Faction) Forlorn Hub (hardest)

NN comments

yep was refering to that wiki

luteros [c-r-o]

So a “Hidden Hub” is the easiest and an “Forlorn Sanctum” the Hardest?

bo red

None of the complexes he mentions are in this list.


So a “Hidden Hub” is the easiest and an “Forlorn Sanctum” the Hardest? Yes but perhaps not in that context. When PREFIXED with folorn that particular anomaly is a bit harder than the non prefixed anomaly. The Forsaken variants are slight harder whilst the Forlorn variants are the hardest.


None of the complexes he mentions are in this list. – Bo Red *** Agreed! This answer refers to Anomalies whereas the OP is talking about combat sites scanned down using probes (as opposed to use a DSCAN to find an Anomaly).

camon bear

Good point Bo. Note to self – RTFQ. I’ve tried again below.


Special note: while the “Hidden” types are indeed supposed to be the “easiest” of the modified types, in reality my corpmates and I have come to rue the throngs of warp disrupting frigs that pour out of these. Give me a forlorn hub over a hidden hub any day of the week, at least when fighting with a battleship.

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bo red [ Editor ]

I think it goes Lookout < Hideout < Watch < Vigil. They should have DED ratings that will tell you. I don't think any have anything bigger than a BC.

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