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Flying in a fleet?

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Why fly in a fleet? What are the benefits from it other than social acceptance?

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

There are a number of benefits from grouping together with other pilots in a fleet:

  • Ability to warp to a gang member
  • See fleet members on the map
  • Leadership and skill bonuses
  • Broadcast system
  • Loot logging

Too name a few...

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breal d'nie [ Editor ]

Other may be:

  • Fleet comms
  • Unified direction from an FC
  • Organization/Co-ordination, and by association, efficiency
  • Good old Back-up

Plus its damn scary when you are camping a gate or doing a mission and a fleet of 10-20 people warp down upon you and squash you like you were a bug.

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melissa blick [ Editor ]

In pvp, the most simple advantage is that you can quickly tell the enemy apart from your friends. You can even change you overview settings to only show players not in your fleet so you know who to target and kill :)

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Fleets are so fun if you are enjoying the poeples company its like playing hide and seek or tag lol its hilariously enjoyable and relaxing almost atleast if its no uber serious battle lols ;P

even then its still rather fun fleting is a huge yes yes of space ship and even regular sea ships battles and adventures its historical andrather adventagiousaswell lols

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