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Fueling POSs in o.o

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What is the best way to get fuel to a POS in 0.0? I have used cloaky transports but they don't haul enough.

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virtucon [ Editor ]

cloaky transports are the poor man's 00 hauler. serious refueling ops use cynos and fuel POS with rorquals or JFs. (pretty damn sure a JF can dump into a fuel hangar)

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ecaf ersa

Yes freighters can access starbase storage of any description

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melissa blick [ Editor ]

Virtucon probably has the best answer. Remember that PI can locally produce some pos fuels as well.

If anyone in your corp trained a few PI skills to try it out, encourage them to make the non-ice pos fuels for laughs (robotics, mech parts, oxygen, uranium). Even if your corpmates are not into PI, there will eventually be a few 1000 units of pos fuel lying around in system on various planets. This really helps with an unexpected pos fuel cushion when you are running low on fuel.

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Our alliance uses carriers and cynos them in, just don't become complacent and always refuel on the same day at the same time. If someone notices a pattern like that they can scout out your pos and get a fleet together to smash it.

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You could always mine the ice and use PI. However, if you don't like ice mining, it could be very easy to set up a PI operation and import the rest. Cyno's and carriers/jump freighters are probably a good way to get those in.

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