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HiSec Local Chat Etiquette

Asked by [ Editor ]

I'm asking only in reference to hisec local, not lowsec or 0.0. Is it fine to have conversations in local with other players? Is it frowned on warn other players of can flippers or ninja salvagers you encountered in system? Can you ask questions in local if you are confused about something?

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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

As far as I am concerned local is THE place to warn other miners of can flippers - name and shame them. You'll make friends by doing that when they know to tuck their ore away as soon as the offender enters the belt.

I have forged many friendships in EVE through the local channel. Usually the first few lines are in local then I invite the person to a private chat or channel.

Anyone who objects to this can go fly as far as I am concerned. If they state their objections in local I tell them to block me as I am about to do to them.

No player should dictate to you whether you can do this or not.

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kazz [ Editor ]

Some of the funniest conversations I've had with other players have been random chats in local - I've even recruited people to my corporation after some of these chats. Obviously there are a lot of trolls and smackers and all the rest of it but hey, if you don't take it all too seriously having a chat with some random in local can be fun and sometimes even leads to new friendships.

As for intel and asking questions - of course, why not? There is no guarantee of a friendly/receptive response but hey, such is life.

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