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How can I make money by discovering wormholes?

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I have heard from other players that finding wormholes can be quite profitable. How would I go about selling the location of a wormhole to other players?

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If you look in the sell orders area of the eve forums you will see people selling them there, you can either set up shop or you can see if you can sell your wormholes to the brokers.

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You first need to find a wormhole. Scout it carefully and try to find out if anyone else is living in it.

You can sell the location of the wormhole, but for a greater profit you can anchor a POS that is ready to be used by the players that want to move there.

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khan 720

I personally have made billions of isk from wormholes. Your best bet is to find a class 1 wormhole that way no battleship can enter the wormhole space. Wormhole space has lots of easy ways to make isk. First is sleeper sites. They respawn after a few days. Sleeper sites alone in one month you can gross some very good isk. Second is mining. Wormhole space is the only place to find some very rare ores like zydrine.There is also mining gas which is a very good money maker as well. The biggest issue with wormhole space is if you set up a pos you better be ready to defend it many corps and alliance can open a wormhole into the wormhole you are in which means some fighting will occur inside the wormhole. That is the big risk of setting a pos up in a wormhole.

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Mmm... let's see. 5 bil a month? It would take some skills. You have to do salvaging, archiology, hacking. Run the sleeper sites, salvage everythign and loot. Know how to use your modules to collect datacores and relics. Be able to mine gasses when available. I prefer a class 3 wormhole and yes, a POS with friends. the seven of us came out with 5 bil apiece. Instead of selling what you collect, consider manufacturing, or contacting someone who can manufacture T 3 parts. Sure, you have to build a deathstar POS, and it can be risky to fuel it. Wormholes are more lawless than losec. and that's saying something. Profitable? yes. with the right skills and ships. Know your sleeper types and what you can tank.

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Also keep in mind that you can't just sell off any wormhole. You need to sit and examine the wormhole. Some wormholes have static entrances, like always opening to another class of wormhole and always opening to normal space. These will fetch you a real price, especially for those that are class 3 or 4 opening to class 5 or 6 with a guarantee of either opening directly to normal space or through one other wormhole.

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