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How can I stop being warp scrambled?

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And what downsides are there to using these modules?

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You could use Warp Core Stabilizers. However they use up a low slot that could either be a speed mod, a weapon upgrade or armor tank. And they halve your lock range. They are generally frwoned upon in combat ships, simply because you could fit a ton of other stuff in the same slot and be more effective. In haulers you could use them, but even then there is better stuff to do.

So I suggest the best method of getting rid of scrammers: shoot back.

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mark lt [ Editor ]

The type of ship that is trying to scramble/disrupt your warp drive is a huge factor in how you decide to get out of the situation.

Take an Arazu for instance, an Arazu can have a warp disrupt range of 56km overheated with recon level 5 trained and a warp scramble range of 27km(using a True Sansha scrambler) overheated with recon level 5 trained. Your not going to be getting away from this ship very easily so your best bet is to try and pop/jam/neut it before his buddies show up. On the other hand if you are being disrupted by a lone BS/BC or some other slow lumbering ship most of the time just flying away until your out of range of his disrupter/scrambler works great.

Knowing the ships in EVE and what they are/are not capable of will have a tremendous impact on how you deal with each situation.

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seurimas [ Editor ]

If you're floating a Gallente, ECM drones might not be a terrible contribution. A Myrmidon for example has enough room for a full cohort of combat drones (75 m3) and ECM drones alongside that (25-50 m3, depending on size). With these, you want to find a way to make them attempt a scramble more often than usual. The suggested way is to order them to engage, wait until they get close enough, then call them back, wait for the command to register, then engage again. Apparently, this would make them attempt more often and make a scramble much quicker.

Along the same lines, an ECM or ECM burst fits into your mid slot. Not very effective if you don't have the tank to last until it randomly kicks in. ECM bursts only work when the enemy is close as well, though better chance of kicking in each run and (I think) is an area of effect.

Alternatively, as suggested previously, Warp Core Stabilizers. On the one side, they each add 1 point for warp strength (0 is required to warp, warp disruptors add -1, scramblers add -2). On the other, they have a targetting malus (range? I think) and they take up low slots which could be used for weapon upgrades, tanks, or other things.

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rook ares [ Moderator ]

There are Warp Core Stabilizers that will increase you stability by one each, so fitting three of them will render you immune. However that is a lot of slots for little benefit. In addition to that they increase your signature radius so you're locked onto faster and decrease your targeting range.

On just about any ship that isn't built to haul precious cargo is better off without it. And even three stabilizers wont stop two ships at once from scrambling you and overcoming them. So they're essentially useless and you're better off allowing yourself to be scrambled and then killing those doing the scrambling.

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xkaraxis [ Editor ]

It is also not uncommon to fit energy neutralizers to deal with tacklers. A ship with no cap can't activate its scrambler/disruptor.

Also, scramblers have a range of just under 10km and disruptors have a range of 24km, both modules can be extended 30% by overheating. If you can get out of range of the module you can warp. Note that scramblers also disable microwarpdrives so if you rely on that for speed you might be in trouble.

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yuripup [ Editor ]

If you aren't in a warp disruption bubble (deployable Warp Disruption Fields, or the effects of an Interdiction Bubble from an Intedictor or Heavy Interdictor) warp core stabilizers might still let you warp.

Aw arp core stabilizer fits in a low slot and gives -1 point of Warp Scramble Strength, while Warp Disruptors give a +1 and Warp Scrambers give a +2. If your total is 0 or less, you can warp. If you have a 1 or more, you're stuck.

Warp Core Stabilizers have penalties to both Targeting Range and Signature Resolution. WCS Is reduce both by 50%, halving your range and significantly increasing your locking time. WCS IIs reduce the penalties to -40%, but still even one is likely to make your ship significantly less effective in combat.

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