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How Can you tell if a Sov system is cyno jammed?

Asked by [ Editor ]

Is there any way other than trying to light a cyno and not being able too?

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darinas [ Moderator ]

The only way I can think of is to enter the system normally and use your d-scan to cover as many moons as possible, making sure that a cynojammer module would turn up on your d-scan if one was there (via overview settings). If you see a cynojamer module on d-scan, then it is probably jamming all cynos - you might want to carefully visit it to find out if it is online.

Another way would be to visit all moons in a system, but that takes a long time, and will almost certainly get you killed pretty quickly.

NN comments

Figured this might be the case, wondered if it would be part of the Sov description… Maybe that was just too much to hope for…..

As far as I’m aware though you could visit each planet to cover them, as I believe there are no moons more than 10Au from a planet.


One thing I spotted last night is that the in-game universe map can show systems with cyno fields in them. I was surprised to learn that many systems had them, so I guessed that it meant cynos within the last few hours or something. Either way, this info should prevent you from having to check every moon in every system with the d-scanner.


Thanks for the heads up Darina, good first port of call if nothing else…

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