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How do I install the test server?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

How do I install the test server (SiSi) on a Windows PC with the least amount of headache? I've heard it can delete my main EVE install and I don't want that to happen.

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

I am assuming that you don't have SiSi installed and that your TQ client is patched and up to date.

  • Copy your entire main EVE folder to a separate folder. I suggest naming it "EVETest".
  • Download the latest SiSi patch from You will want to download the file listed under "Patch From TQ version to current version".
  • Run the downloaded patch file, making sure you patch your EVETest folder, not your main EVE folder. Take extra special care here, if you do patch you main folder your TQ client will be broken.
  • Create a new shortcut on the desktop pointing to the EVE.exe in the EVETest folder.
  • Open the properties window for the shortcut. In the "Target" field, add /server: to the end. The end result should look something like this:

    "C:\Program Files\CCP\EVETest\eve.exe" /server:

Whenever SiSi updates you will have to run the auto-patcher as you would on TQ. Sometimes this does not work, however, and you will have to repeat points 1-3 in the above procedure (copy main folder, download & patch).

NN comments

and what’s the procedure for the mac client?


Guess someone with mac experience will have to post that.

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I followed the instructions here : Those have worked for me very well. One thing of note is that you must make sure to at least copy your install of EVE from it's original location to some where else. In my case, I've moved it originally to D:\EVETest from D:\EVE.

There are other disk space saving techniques that are a little more risky. Junctioning allows you to overwrite only the files you need to, saving the 5 gigs or so of space... More info on that can be found here :

I use Junctioning for my multiboxing (3 junctions) and SiSi testing as well with no problems.

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aragaer [ Editor ]

Copying the main installation is required (don't know what junction is though). Then you can get sisi patch on eve site. Install it as usual. Then just run that client.

Sometimes you'll get connected to Tranquility instead. This means current version is release version and you have to add the "/server:" option as well.

When client is updated you'll get autopatcher.

I'm using Linux and autopatcher doesn't work for me so I manually download patches for eve site. All the "non-auto-download" patches have the "_m" in the end of their names. And these do work under Linux.

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