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How do I link to pilots and items from Eve Gate's email editor?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

When I use Eve Gate to read emails that were created in game with a link to a pilot, the link is translated into a proper web link to the pilot's Eve Gate profile.

I can see there is no option to enter URLs into the email in the Eve Gate editor other than typing the whole thing (in game you type a short name, highlight it, then link it to a URL.) So it must be a trick code of somekind.

Does anyone know how I can do it? I tried the usual forum tricks like using HTML links or [URL=] links, but neither works.

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nathan cox

Good question, I wonder if this is possible at all

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redmage [ Editor ]

You can not. It's still in beta i'm hoping those features open when it gets an official release. However I assume that opening url and coding into it via web would allow for some security holes that need to get tightened up.

Tell your CSM to get on their lolerskates and mention it to the devs :=D

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I would have said the same (about coding and security), but you can link things in in-game emails and read those emails (with potentially converted pilot links) in eve gate. If the link can be displayed in eve gate then surely you can create it too?


There really shouldn’t be any type of security concern unless CPP ignores all of their authorization rules. I’m fairly confused as to why this doesn’t work yet.

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