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How do I maximise my mission rewards?

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Are there any skills that will help me make more isk missioning?

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alec grahm [ Editor ]

Several factors go into determining the isk (and loyalty point) rewards from a given mission.

The first and most obvious is the quality of the agent. The higher the quality, the better the payout.

The effective quality of the agent is the actual value that is used for the payout. This is determined by the function:

Aeq = Aq + (5 * N) + floor(Se)

Agent effective quality equals agent quality plus five times the negotiation skill level plus floor (round down) of Effective Standing for the agent.

From this you can see that negotiation and the original quality are important, but also important is the agent effective standing.

With agent effective standing, you start with the highest of faction, corp, and agent standings and apply the connections skill bonus to that (or diplomacy, but then you are likely a ways off from the max standing gain). So connections is also important in getting the maximum rewards. Furthermore, agent standing goes up much faster than corp standing - so sticking with one agent may be more rewarding than moving up to a higher natural quality agent with poorer effective standing and thus poorer effective quality.

Loyalty points are often an important part in mission rewards. These are worth approximately 1k isk for each loyalty point when used to buy faction equipment. High end missions can give several thousand loyalty points in addition to direct isk rewards. Training the appropriate division connections skill for a particular agent can result in significant gains for high level missions.

Lastly, there is the security status of the system the agent is in. The lower the system security status, the higher the rewards. Missions in 0.0 are much more rewarding than those in high sec. The difference can even be seen between an agent in a 1.0 system and an agent in an 0.5 system. is a good read for much of the information, math, and tables mentioned here.

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dobi mecata

The Negotiation skill gives you an additional 5% pay per mission. In addition to that the connection skills (bureaucratic connections, criminal connections, etc) give you an additional 5% loyalty point gain when working for an appropriate agent.

Other than that, just focus on DPS skills so you can do them quicker.

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marcus jeanbeau [ Editor ]

Another good source of isk in missions is salvaging wrecks and reprocessing dropped loot. Reprocessing will likely be weakened with Tyrannis, coming in 10 days, but salvaging will still get you more loot to sell.

There are a couple good tutorials found on the web. The main skill you need for this is Salvaging which doesn't have too many prerequisites.

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do won [ Editor ]

The formula for lp gain is:

Actual LP Reward = Base LP Reward x (1 + (0.05 x (Level of Connection Skill 1 + Level of Connection Skill 2)))

So 5% per level of connections skill that applies.

Full list of division and connections skills that boost lp gainage for each.

Accounting Financial:Trade
Administration Political:Bureaucratic
Advisory Political:high-tech
Archives Bureaucratic:high-tech
Astrosurveying Military:Labour
Command Political:Military
Distribution Financial:Trade
Intelligence Military:high-tech
Internal Security Bureaucratic:Military
Legal Political:Financial
Manufacturing high-tech:Labour
Marketing Financial:Trade
Mining Labour:Trade
Personnel Bureaucratic:Labour
Production Labour:Trade
Public Relations Political:Financial
Security Political:Military
Storage Bureaucratic:Trade
Surveillance Military:high-tech

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stitcher [ Editor ]

also, the "DED Connections" skill will give you an extra 1.5K ISK per rat per level (if you can get hold of it - I don't think it's NPC-seeded)

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