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How do I run missions effectively?

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I've been able to rock level 2 missions and turn a profit but when I moved up to level 3 missions I generally spend more money on ammo/drones/repairs than I get from salvaging and mission rewards. What should I be doing to maximize my income while reducing the cost associated with doing missions. Repairs alone can sometimes be a million isk with mission rewards being only a few hundred thousand. Essentially, what should my fitting and combat behavior be so that I don't break the bank while playing the game.

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Clarifying what race you fly would be helpful. Also, what ships and fits are you taking into lvl 3 missions.

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melissa blick [ Editor ]

You should NOT be paying for repairs. As others pointed out, make sure you are fitting a proper tank (either shield or armor) with good resists to whatever enemies you are fighting.

From the 1mil isk repair costs, it sounds like you are flying a cruiser/bc and taking armor/hull damage. Armor damage can be repaired with an armor repairer for free. Fit one in your low slot, undock and activate it. You should see it cycling and repairing your armor. Redock when you are done, and fit your normal tank again. Congrats, you just saved yourself a million isk!

Similarly, there are hull repair modules which will repair hull damage. Note that if your ship is shield tanked, and taking armor/hull damage, you really should fit a better tank.

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i would say check battleclinic for the right ship and fitting. and also go salvaging to get some additional isk. furthermore you shouldn't have any repair costs since you can fit armor reps and hull reps after you did the mission and repair your ship for free. to use less ammo and so on you need to fly the right size of ships, i.e. frigs for l1, cruisers for l2, battlecruisers for l3 and battleships for l4, and you need to fit them properly (see battleclinic). for the battleclinic fits, you might be able to replace the t2 weapons with t1 which will make you put out less dps but is easier to fit because the skills are easier to get and because t2 often uses more powergrid and cpu.

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do won [ Editor ]

If after reading the guide you still keep getting ship damage that you need to repair consider investing in armour and hull repairers, similarly get remote hull and armour repair units to fix your drones - change your fitting and use them to repair the damage.

The link above doesn't have ship/level progression for races other than Amarr. For caldari (assuming you are doing the normal caldari primary weapon of missiles) Kestrel Caracal Drake Raven

Use and manage aggro to reduce incoming damage.

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