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How do I use the new version of STC to follow the recent questions, answers and comments?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

In the previous version of STC I was able to list the questions in order of last updated. This way I could follow multiple questions and answer comments or moderate if needed.

Now I need to do too much work to find out if someone has made a comment.

The “Active” tab doesn’t display anything useful, and particularly doesn’t display the latest comment or edit.

The “Newest” tab only displays in order of question creation.

The “Unanswered” tab only allows me to see questions where the answers have not been accepted yet, and seems to be in order of question creation.

The “Activity” tab just displays a load of unformatted text and I can’t tell if it is answers, comments or what!

So far STC has updated significantly two or three times in the past few years. First we gained an EVE look and feel, but then we lost that and now we seem to have lost functionality.

Should I take this to shapado? Or does the person who is ultimately responsible for this list want to check and answer first?

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thelsdj [ Admin ] from Vallejo, United States of America

I’m working on getting the EVE look and feel back but this is more of an issue related to Shapado.

I think the best you can do right now is the ‘Activity’ tab which appears to show all activity. You can kind of figure out what the type of activity is from the word after the user. ‘created’ and ‘updated’ are related to comments I think. ‘asked’ is a question. ‘changed’ could probably be a question or an answer.

You can click that ugly ‘unformatted text’ to go to the question that the activity is related to.

FYI: I didn’t actually know this Shapado update was coming. They sent me an email a few weeks earlier but it ended up in my spam box. That doesn’t excuse the fact that I should work better to maintain STC and get the EVE theme back sooner. Sorry all.

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Definitely not your fault! Let me know if I can help somehow.

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