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How do kill rights work?

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How do kill rights work? If I have kill rights on someone will he appear "flashy red" on my overview regardless of global criminal countdowns and security status?

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yuripup [ Editor ]

Kill Rights allow you to get revenge on a player or players who has previously destroyed your ship (not a pod) in Empire space (0.1 to 1.0 security systems).

You are given Kill Rights to someone if they destroy your ship alone, or if they participate in destroying your ship as part of a gang, whether by attacking you directly or by using modules (ex. warp scrambler, statis webifier, etc.) on you, or even if they are using assist modules (such as remote sensor booster) on someone who is attacking you. Once these things happen, you are given the right to destroy the ship of whoever attacked you, along with any participants of his gang.

If you have any Kill Rights, they will be listed in your character sheet "Kill Rights" tab. Please note that Kill Rights don't last indefinably, they last for 30 days, beginning with the moment your ship was destroyed, and will be erased once you have destroyed their ship. That player will not get Kill Rights on you.

Killing another player's ship while you have the Kill Rights does not result in a security status loss, nor does it trigger a CONCORD response. But please note that you have no rights to destroy the pod of another player (even if they have destroyed your own!).

Kill Rights target will show up as “blinking red” on an unmodified overview.

Please note that there are conditions under which players can kill your ship and you will not get Kill Rights on them:

you have a criminal flag
you have a security status lower then -5.0

And to repeat: You Kill Rights don't give you the right to pod someone.


NN comments

That would be a security status lower then -5.0


Thank you. And Fixed.

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bucky o'hair

One thing to mention, if you fight back at all, you will not get kill rights. This includes scams, webs, and ewar.

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I know I have gotten kill rights after fighting back (and loosing).


Bucky is correct. Responding to an illegal kill attempt against your ship with any kind of force will void any kill rights you would have received otherwise.

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