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How do loyalty points get distributed in a fleet?

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I was wondering how LP are divided in a fleet. I know the "owner" of the mission needs to share em with the fleet (like with ISK), but are LP added immediatly after the mission is completed? Or does it take a while to see it go up in the LP list?

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It is added as soon as the mission is completed, just like with isk. The LP list might lag, I guess, but LP are not distributed in any kind of delayed fashion (like, say, bounties) whether or not you are in a fleet.

Easy demonstration of this is have a fleetmate complete a mission and turn it in. Your journal and wallet both blink. The journal blink is the LP tick.

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nathan cox

And as for the actual division it’s evenly split, just like the ISK


up to 10 members of course ;)


What’s the up to 10 members part? Is that a hard limit on sharing all mission rewards?

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