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How do stacking penalties affect modules?

Asked by [ Moderator ]

I've heard people talking about stacking penalties for certain ship modules reducing their effectiveness. How do stacking penalties affect my modules?

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

The stacking penalties cause diminishing returns on module bonuses. This means that as you add modules affecting the same stat on your ship, each additional module gives a smaller bonus than the previous one.

For the nth module added, the formula for calculating its stacking effect, S, is:

S(n) = 0.5^[((n-1) / 2.22292081) ^2]

This results in the following values:

  |  n  |     S     |  Bonus  |
  |  1  |     1     |  100%   |
  |  2  | 0.8708860 |   87%   |
  |  3  | 0.5705831 |   57%   |
  |  4  | 0.2829552 |   28%   |
  |  5  | 0.1059926 |   11%   |
  |  6  | 0.0299911 |    3%   |

As you can see the first few modules still give good bonuses. We tend to reach a point around the 3rd or 4th mod, where the stacking penalties really start to kick in.

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aragaer [ Editor ]

While numbers for stacking penalties are already here, I'd add a couple more things.

First, module description always shows whether this module will be affected with stacking penalty. If this is not the case, you can have several similar modules without any penalty. Cap and Shield rechargers for example.

Second, even if certain effect is affected by stacking penalty, that doesn't mean all modules with this effect will be affected. Two examples here: if you have several armor resistance plates and rigs, they are affected by penalty. Damage control will not be affected by it (and you get full bonus from both damage control and first resistance plate). The same thing happens if you have a set of overdrives+nanofibres (stacking penalty here) and an AB or MWD (not affected).

NN comments

You are right. Damage control is a good example of a mod that never receives stacking penalties.

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