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How do you delete bookmarked locations/items?

Asked by [ Editor ]

I have things bookmarked that i want to delete but i dont know how to or if you can. so can someone plz tell me.

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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

Open your People and Places window on the Places tab.

R-click an entry and select remove location.

Simple as. :-)

NN comments

The more frustrating question is how to manage a folder with over 1000 bms – if only we had out-of-game access to the bookmark folder(s).

ecaf ersa

That would be a nice feature but I assume you can select multiple items to remove with the normal ctrl and shift click functionalities.

ecaf ersa

Don’t forget that you can also create folders in your places. I do this to separate out BMs for safespots, distances from gates, stations, etc, mining bms etc etc.

These actually create sub-menus when you r-click in space which can tidy up the menu when you have lots of bms in one system. (It only shows the bms in folders for the system you in of course)

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