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How does "assigning fighters" work?

Asked by [ Editor ]

Suppose I'm flying a heavily tanked drake in pvp. There are two carriers sitting safely behind a pos shield. Can both assign all their fighters to me? Can I control them just like regular drones? I understand that they will warp and follow me. Will they still warp and follow the target? Can I still use my regular 25 mbit bandwidth to field an additional flight of light drones?

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canhasgank [ Moderator ]

First off the carrier can not assign fighters from inside the POS shield. He needs to poke his nose outside the shield to launch them.

The bandwidth does not matter for fighter assistance, but you can never control more drones than your skills or ship allow. For most ships this means that if you have not launched your own drones you can receive assistance from up to five fighters. The pilot will assume control of the fighters in much the same way is if they were his own drones, and they will follow him through warp etc. If the fighters are attacking a target and it warps off, they will follow and continue the attack.

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A small addendum to that. It's baseed on your Skills, and not on your ship. IIRC, I regularly assigned fighters to my broadsword, even though it has no drone bay.

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melissa blick

So I can have 5 fighters attacking whatever I attack, as long as I have drones V.

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