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How does Interdictor equipment work?

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I'm including Interdictors and Heavy Interdictors as part of my training plan, and I'd like to know what tools are available to those ships. For example, I've heard about warp bubbles and infinipoints, but what's the specific equipment I'll need, what are their skill requirements, and how are they used?

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matt_12 [ Editor ]


Interdictors and heavy interdictors are very different beasts.

Interdictors are destroyers and basically use a probe launcher to drop a warp disruption bubble. Said bubble is about 10k across and stops anything (except t3's with interdiction nullifier subsystems) regardless of warp strength. The probes last 2 mins, and will catch you inside them so be warned. The link below shows the requirements for the bubble launcher. The probes are fired like ammo.

Heavy interdictors are cruisers, the disruption field they generate surrounds the ship itself and moves where it goes. If you put a script in it (like sensor boosters or disruptors) then you can turn it into an infinipoint which means it can turn its bubble generator into a focused beam on a single ship, which nothing can get away from, it's the only way to warp disrupt Super Carriers currently.

It requires a warp disruption field generator module to be fitted, here are the requirements.

In both cases bubbles can only be used in 0.0... so if you are loading up for low sec or hi sec best use a Heavy interdictor with the infinipoint script.

As a side note for you, Interdictors are really hard to fly and certainly take a long time to get up to skill levels where you can fit a tank and armament that won't make it an expensive bullseye. Because of the role they perform these ships are always, always Primary (perhaps with the exception of falcon's) Everyone in our alliance hates flying them, and pilots generally fly them on rotation because 9/10 you come home in a pod, and they are expensive ships to loose that often. Don't get me wrong though a well flown Interdictor/Heavy Interdictor is absolutley lethal.

Good luck with them and enjoy.

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