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How liable is a POS to be attacked in low-sec?

Asked by [ Editor ]

I am thinking of setting up a POS in low-sec for processing moon minerals. My main concern is if it is likely to be attacked and destroyed. The corp I am in is relatively small and inexperienced in PvP so if a concerted attempt is made to destroy it, there will probably be very little that can be done to defend it. So my hope is to create a POS that is unlikely to be attacked.

It will (most probably) be some where in Tash Murkon and in a low-sec region that only attaches to high-sec so no direct threat from 0.0. Also, I will do my best to keep it away travelers so not in a system that is on-route to or from anywhere.

I do not intend to mine moon minerals, so I will not be in a valuable location that someone may want to take for the resources.

It will definitely be a large POS, most likely Caldari.

Assume that there are no war-decs and I have not made any enemies who would take it down just because they hate me.


  1. How likely is it to be attacked?
  2. Is there anything I can do to further reduce the chance of it being targetted?
  3. Any other comments?
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ecaf ersa [ Editor ]

If the moon contains no minerals or none of any value then it is unlikely to be attacked, especially if you arm it properly.

The POS modules that make me think twice about attacking are scrams, neuts and most significantly resistance modules.

If you have one of each resistance module then it would take a very large fleet and a long time to take it down. You don't even really have to online them unless you do get attacked or war-decced.

I would think that the combined factors of no or poor resources in the moon and some defences will deter the vast majority of potential attackers.

Make sure you have enough Strontium Clathrates in the bay and don't leave any valuable ships floating around inside the bubble.

NN comments

Thanks for you reply a couple of things I had not thought of. I will be asking a follow up question about good defences if the replies to this one still leave me thinking that I’ll proceed with this plan.

ecaf ersa

I will have some tips for you for arranging POS defences…as ever in EVE it isn’t a simple matter. Your biggest problem will be spare CPU for e-war modules after fitting all your reactors etc. I did write an article on moon mining but the site that hosted it went down.


I’ve had a small POS up in low sec for over a year, just doing the odd bit of ice refining, it’s not building, it’s not researching, it has nothing of great value about it, it has no guns protecting it, it’s on a worthless barren moon, it’s just used as a JF refuge and for refining, and it has only ever been re-enforced once by a small chancer corp that got the shock of their life when they came back to finish it off and got hot dropped by half a dozen patheon carriers from my main corp. Try to look small and insignificant and you will be left alone.


Ecaf’s advice is very sound. Always make sure you have a spare supply of fuel in system encase of a siege and remember if they re-enforce your pos the only thing you will be able to access is the Ship Maintenance array. So clear out the hangar of your reactions as often as possible, even if it’s just to store it inside a ship in the array.

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