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How to check DPS

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where do u check your dps?

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evilpixills [ Editor ]

You can use Eve Fitting Tool. EFT Set up a ship with your current fit, implants, ammo type, etc and your dps as well as volley amount is displayed in the "Firepower" box.

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btek [ Editor ]

Apart from fitting tools like EFT and EveHQ, the only way I know is to shoot someone and then look at your log. This won't show drone damage though. For that you'll need to have a corpmate allow you to attack them, then look at their log for how much damage they took.

This site will parse your log and give you results.

NN comments

It is almost impossible to ever get the DPS value EFT reports in combat because the DPS figure is a maximum possible value you could get. To get the max value you must be nearer to your target than your optimal range, you and your target must not be moving, and you should be using the weapon that works best (small=frigates, medium=cruisers, large=battleships). Even then you need to take into account the target’s resistances! (I think only a weapon that does EM damage against an un-tanked tech 1 ship would ever get the DPS reported by EFT.)

todd ayumbhara

You can add info for individual targets, I just forget how to do that.

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darinas [ Moderator ]

To calculate your DPS, as EveHQ or EFT would, view each of your turret's show info while you are in space, find out what the max damage is, and the rate of fire. Divide the max damage by the rate of fire and that is your DPS for that turret. Add that value for all turrets, and that is your ship's DPS.

For missiles you could do the same calculation, but the missile must travel distance to do the damage so the figure will be even less accurate.

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