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How to do solo exploration in null?

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I mostly fly Gallente. I have about 8mil sp. I have been doing some lowsec exploration a couple of months back, using an Imicus (just mag and radar sites, no plexes). I would swap ships and use Imicus for scanning and a Vexor fitted with cloak and salvager/analyzer/codebreaker to actually clear the rats and get stuff out of boxes. Now I want to move and run mag/radar sites in null. It seems that NPC stations are much less frequent in null, so using 2 ships seems a bit awkward. What ship/fit would you suggest for solo null exploration?

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If you are happy with the scanning results you get with an Imicus, other ships with scanning rigs will do the job for you. In that case you will sacrifice one hi slot, minimal amount of CPU if you use a core probe launcher instead of expanded one, and rig slots.

At that point you have to make a decision: Do I want safety, hit-and-run approach or less money to sink?

If you choose safety, I would recommend training for an Arazu, because it can equip Covop cloaking device that will enable you to warp cloaked, have an easier time to escape gatecamps and make you harder to track down. Beware though, you will be limited to 40 m3 of drones and 3 turrets with less than mediocre bonus.

If you choose hit-and-run, you have more options depending on your skills. Choose whatever ship that will make you kill NPC's as fast as your skills permit. A drone boat, a blaster boat... anything. But you will be more susceptible to gankers. In this scenario, your priority will be finishing your business fast and gtfo asap. Time is money, so be ready to spend money for your ship, rigs and modules. Sisters Probe Launcher and probes is a must here, as well as T2 modules and non-covop cloak.

The last option is where you can minimize your monetary loss by sticking to cheap T1 ships strong enough to kill NPC ships at the sites, and no more. Although there seem to be an overlap between this option and the previous one, there are nuances. No rigs, no fancy modules because your ship will be expandable and short lived. Be prepared to die often. You may be probed by other players even before you hack the first can at the site, so consider yourself lucky if you successfully loot a site. But on the flip side, you won't lose that much money, and you may develop some PvP skills as an added bonus. Also, in some quiet locations, this method has the potential to work like a charm, even better than others.

As with many situations, there is no best answer, but there is one that works the best for you given the conditions.

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mad wombat

I have been looking at the Arazu loadouts and it seems to have no way to generate any reasonable dps. In order to run radar/mag sites in null, I need to be able to deal with multiple rat battleships. I am going to train towards advanced cruisers anyway, since it seems Ishtar might fit the role. I am currently considering trying out a Myrmidon for this.

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Bo Red is right, the Ishtar gives you the flexability to fit all the probing modules for Mag and Radar sites, cloak and salvager as well as probe launcher whilst maintaining a great tank and using drones for DPS. If you want to invest more the Proteus with emergent locus analizer (For probe launcher) and the interdiction nullifier (Escape bubbles) would be my choice whilst in null sector.

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tsais_eredar [ Editor ]

with 8m SP, you’re not that far into anything yet, so unless you want to limit yourself to Gallente for roleplaying purposes, you might want to check out the Pilgrim for solo exploration. For one thing, you can use your drone skills with that for dps, and there’s a couple of really good and tested solo exploration fittings for it on Its nowhere near as expensive as a T3, but it allows you to fit a covert ops cloak, a very good tank and enough modules to pull the loot, while doing most of your dps with the drones. As far as I know, its the only recon ship that works really well for this out of the 4 races, and you’ll be very difficult to catch, as long as you don’t fall asleep at the computer…

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mad wombat

As you might notice, I asked this question about 4 months ago, so I am now closer to 15mil SP and I am training for a Tengu, but thanks for the help anyway. Pilgrim seems to be rather low on both tank and DPS to successfully run sites in null anyway.

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