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How to fix client on Macs?

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I've been getting the "there is something wrog with your email files. Delete cache items and try again." I've done this many times and it has never fixed the problem. I've been told to manually go in and take out the caches files, but I don't know where to look.

I've even gone as far as to reinstall the client, issue still remains.

Stuck doing mail in EVE Gate. Help please.

iMac 24 inch 3.06 GHz nVidia 8800 GS OS X.6

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Petition CCP and they will tell you "this is a known issue" and that they "are working on it".

Only 2 partial workarounds I know so that you can continue to see both mails and notifications while playing. It's clunky, but works:

  1. For e-mail, use EVE Gate, there is no way you will be able to see your mails from the the mail function ingame. So open up ingame browser and open your mail thru EVE Gate
  2. Notifications do work. When you log on and try to open mail, you will get the error message but the mail window will open. Change to the notifications tab and then minimize, do not close, the mail window. You can now see any notifications. If you log off with notifications open, when you log back on notifications will be default when you open mail and you won't get error message (though you will still not be able to see the mails in the mail tab).

And let's hope CCP is quicker on this MAC fix than some others.

This also a "think twice warning" to any MAC user planning to do a clean reinstall for any reason. Don't, unless you want to live like this in EVE for a while.

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I ended up just installing XP with bootcamp and playing on there since the mail client became so annoying. I also had issues with Eve Voice on the mac client that were fine on the windows client. You might want to think about doing a dual boot if you haven't done so already.

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